The company’s first affordable housing project was in East New York. At the time, no builders dared to venture into that area. However, Shelter Rock principals correctly saw great potential in the neighborhood as a gateway from Brooklyn to Queens, and also recognized a tremendous need in the community for quality, affordable housing. Undaunted by the challenges they faced, they forged ahead. The success of this project was positive proof of their prescience and tenacity. Currently, they have completed several affordable housing projects in the New York City boroughs, which have been extremely well-received.

These projects routinely receive applications from hundreds of families annually, many of whom are drawn to the residences not just for their beauty, and high-quality finishes and amenities, but also because of the company’s reputation for going the extra mile for its clients – whether it is adding extra electrical outlets for a new homeowner, changing fixtures to suit a client’s décor, or correcting work done by unlicensed contractors, to give just a few examples.

Shelter Rock is known for building and maintaining close working relationships with clients and members of the communities it has come to know well, because the company knows that its success rests of the success of the communities in which it works. Whether giving away turkeys at Thanksgiving to community districts, or providing pro bono construction work in local parks, Shelter Rock understands that doing good is just as important as doing well.

Says Shelter Rock principal Ben Shavolian, “There is nothing like seeing the joy in people’s eyes when they buy their first home. That is why this work is so rewarding– we are helping people to achieve the American Dream.” In the past eight years, Shelter Rock Builders have been awarded five large contracts from HPD. Thanks to the company’s meticulous attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile for clients, they continue to grow vigorously in this area.

Shelter Rock is still committed to the areas of the market in which they built their reputation. Building on its long experience in luxury housing, Shelter Rock is currently putting the finishing touches on Plaza 21, a new luxury condominium development in the highly coveted neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. The sophisticated classic brick and masonry building located on a serene tree-lined block in one of New York City’s most vibrant neighborhoods will offer 36 one- to two-bedroom homes, several of which feature private balconies.

Shelter Rock has also been increasingly performing extensive general contract work for not-for-profit clients, an area which it is committed to growing. Projects have already been completed and more projects are on the slate, as not-for-profits seize advantageous market conditions and either move and/or choose to reconfigure their current space.

In all their areas of focus, Shelter Rock is distinguished from its competitors by its commitment to excellence; exacting attention to detail (including overseeing every step of the design and construction process); insistence on quality products and finishes; and adherence to the company philosophy that a homeowner’s happiness should last a lifetime.


Shelter Rock Builders is a family owned business with over 85 years of purchasing, constructing,
and owning real estate. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and invest every home
with style and function. We believe that a home is a place in which to live, not just to reside.